His Final Prey  – Episode 1
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Some Angels Spell Death

A new way of counselling
A mysterious diary
Herbal remedies promising salvation
And ten deaths in ten weeks

Lukas Novak’s life has just taken a turn for the worst. His wife wants a divorce and he promises himself to start over for good. There is just the matter of the death of his old family friend Tibor, and his funeral to be taken care of.

But all is not what it seems at Fairhaven care home, Tibor’s last residence. With ten deaths in ten weeks, inmate O’Daniel smells a rat. Lukas decides to ask some questions but is side-tracked by mysterious councillor Eda Enigma, who believes in the  transference of spirits. Curious about her methods Lukas enlists for a course of counselling with her. Days later his research into a mysterious book with a call to invite his “Guardian Angel” into his life stretches Lukas’s own sanity to its very  edge.
Lukas’s hidden vigilante streak seeks justice in this hard-boiled crime novel. His search for the truth leads him high into the Alps to confront a shrouded, deadly secret. 

“I really enjoyed this book and had no idea what was going to  happen next, each page seemed to take you on a different tack and kept you guessing.”

“What a great story, I couldn’t put it down. Now to get the next instalment.”

Ghost Cargo – Episode 2 

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Dark Secrets Are Best Left Forgotten

His cargo – Ashes. Teeth. Bone fragments. Gold.
And an old ring, adorned with a skull.
His mission – Shrouded in mystery.
His destination – The darkest secret. Forgotten and left buried for decades.

His errant sounds simple, if not a little heroic. Take his late uncle’s ashes back to Poland and return the inherited World War 2 artifacts to their rightful owners. Yet on his arrival in Warsaw Lukas Novak’s plans have been changed for him, without his knowledge; drawing him into a web of intrigue and suspense back to a time when European history was at its darkest.

Driven to the edge of his life by a mysterious mission conceived during the last days of the war, Lukas is forced to face his responsibility in the dramatic chase for the mission’s objective, play his part in the discovery of an unspeakable secret and make sense of his covert assignment as his family’s distant and forgotten history unravels around him.

‘Ghost Cargo’ is a stand-alone adventure thriller. 
Events in ‘Ghost Cargo’ follow on from the end of ‘The Last Convert’, Episode 1 of the HemiHelix Effect.
The author therefore recommends the reader to read ‘The Last Convert’ before embarking on ‘Ghost Cargo’, though it is not absolutely essential.

Match Games – Episode 3

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The Odds Are Lethal

A secret conspiracy.
A corrupt soul.
And a vengeful psychopath, returned from the grave.

Slightly dishevelled, self-proclaimed investigative journalist Lukas Novak inadvertently disturbs a hornets’ nest when following up a mysterious blog’s match-fixing allegations at football giants Mancunia FC. When the wrong people start getting hurt the hunter becomes the hunted and Lukas finds himself a non-person, on the run from a GBH charge.

Unsure who and what to trust Lukas stumbles upon answers that he hasn’t been looking for and that change the course of his investigation and his own life forever.

“A winning Combination of Grit, Character, and Romance.”

“This is a brilliant read. I just couldn’t put it down. The plot is truly gripping. There were pages where my heart was racing and I just couldn’t devour the words quickly enough. I can’t recommend it enough.”

“Absolutely gripping and a very exciting read! Really looking forward to the next instalments!”

“Brilliant story about football, fixing games, love and corruption.”_

No U-Turn On Dead End Street-
Episode 5

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Fear has no mercy

Has he really killed a man?
The police believe he is guilty
– and so do his loved ones.
The only way to redemption is to ‘go dark’ – Down and Out.

It had all drifted away from him so quickly. Demoralised, betrayed and at the end of his physical and mental strength Lukas Novak faces the ultimate punishment. He has killed a man and during his flight from the consequences his actions take him down a spiral of personal nightmares.
Escape being the only way out he is being dragged deeper and deeper down a hole which isn’t of his own digging and ends up being pursued by an unknown foe, wanting nothing but revenge and Lukas’s death.

“Schirmer’s style is visceral and gritty but with lots of intelligence and style.”

“Lukas is a wonderful drawn character – he certainly has been there, done it – and worn the tee-shirt …. what a great character!”

“Dark with lots of swearing! Gets you wanting more.”