NEW: PPL: Halle recordings spreadsheet

Here as promised is the list of Hallé Orchestra recordings from 1990 onwards for yes to check. If anyone would prefer just to let Ben Hogwood at PPL know the dates they have been with the orchestra they’ll then take that information and ensure they are added to all recordings this end.

Going forward I would suggest that from the start of this year people check the PPL database to ensure they are listed on new recordings as they are made commercially available.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind when using the spreadsheet:

  • Ben has sorted it in order of recording date for ease of use, and has included as much information as possible about composers. The (P) name column gives an indication of the record label owning the recording.
  • Much of the data is as received from the record companies. There may be the odd inconsistency with titles, artists and recording dates, and players may notice that the same recording crops up on several occasions. In this case it is of course fine to put yourselves down for all versions of the same recording if you were there.
  • If there is a recording where a player made a significant contribution that might be listed on the artwork – for instance an important solo – please indicate this and they can consider it for ‘Other Featured’ rather than ‘Non-Featured’ status.
  • Their advice would be that if a player is in doubt of their contribution on a recording – but were with the orchestra when it was made – then they are fine to indicate ‘Yes’ rather than ‘No’.

Right-click and select ‘save as’ to download the spreadsheet.

Hallé Orchestra – recordings as held by PPL 12022018 


The spreadsheet contains 1025 rows. To make life a bit simpler (and to avoid having to copy & paste 1025 PPL recording ID numbers into the PPL search engine, I have extracted the search terms for Band/Artist names and put them in a separate sheet, sorted A-Z.

This leaves you with only 85 search terms to enter.

Sorry, it’s still a pain, but I can’t work out how to bulk enter the data.

Unless, of course, you want to download a copy of the shreadsheetand enter ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the ‘present’ column ‘H’ – save your copy and email it back to Ben dot Hogwood at ppluk dot com – and let PPL do the work for you!

Further notes:

  1. The ‘ANGELA MARY BROWNRIDGE’ search term concerns her  recordings for the record company ‘ASV Limited’ only.
  2. BILL CONNOR:  Battle of the Atlantic suite only
  3. The bad news is that for Kent Nagano & Various you need to input the PPL numbers one by one….unless someone finds a nifty shortcut.


Using PPL: How to claim for your performances

(This article is from 2016, so PPL’s search engine has cahanged since then. I keep the article on here for reference anyway.)

Since many of you find the task of claiming for your performances at PPL quite daunting, here are a couple of short videos and a few docs to help you get on your way of getting paid. PPL payments have increased significantly recently, so it’s well worth doing.

NOTE: these videos do NOT work yet on mobile devices, sorry.
I am working on a mp4 version.

How_to_claim_PPL_part  1 flash video
How_to_claim_PPL_part_2 flash video

DOCS (right click to download):

Using PPL- how to claim for your performances / video transcript

PPL search terms spreadsheet

* unless you were in the orchestra when we recorded Elder/Planets the following won’t apply to you

Halle most played tracks 1950-2001