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ALEAtronic -“First Take”

ALEAtronic as a group have already produced a wide varitey of music, as is apparent from their debut album “First Take”.The group draw their inspiration from being exposed to a huge repertoire of classical music on a daily basis, being members of the Halle Orchestra, Manchester/UK. In addition to this ALEAtronic work extensively in the education sector with a wide variety of other musicians in schools and community workshop situations.

The individual band members’ musical and compositional preferences are diverse.

ALEAtronic are able to realise music commissions to very specific guidelines.
ALEAtronic also design high quality education workshops for all ages; schools, community, special needs.

ALEAtronic present a musical collage ranging from classical/experimental through to jazz and popular mainstream genres. From the inspiring Innocent World or the jazzy Snake to the tongue-in-cheek Imagination, there’s something for everyone here.

On first take, ALEAtronic are delighted to have been working with vocalists Yvonne Shelton, Mancunian session/gospel singer, and Eric Troyer, late of ELO Part II, now a member of The Orchestra. The album has been engineered and mixed by Dennis York, sound engineer supreme.

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ALEAtronic – first take

1. PolyMath
2. Innocent World
3. Doodle 1
4. Imagination
5. The Snake
6. Doodle 2
7. Bolero
8. In Paradise
9. Cacophonia
10. Kempul
11. Imagination-Dave’s Vocal Mix

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