hIDe @ Contact Theatre WEDS 18 – FRI 20 DEC 2002 , 8pm

A play by Dinos Aristidou and Contact Young Actors Company

Sound design and sound track produced by Bea Schirmer for CoreSounds Productions
Sound engineer: Ben Squires

“The story of a dead boy. An obsession and a hunt.
A hide out. Five people. Hidden identities.”

“Justice is not as simple as it first appears,
when no-one is who they say they are.”

Based on the James Bulger murder and set 15 years after the trials.
Baby Blue’s brother was murdered before she was born.
Her only desire is to seek revenge on the killers.
This is the beginning of the end, as Baby Blue is thrust upon a journey of retribution, danger and violence.


Guest track “Safe” by David Littler
All other music by Bea Schirmer

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