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‘The Last Convert released’ & video trailer

TLC_amazon‘The Last Convert’ is now available on Amazon.

Lukas Novak’s life has just taken a turn for the worst. His wife wants a divorce and Lukas has had enough of being the underdog. He promises himself to start over. There is just the matter of the death of his old family friend Tibor, and his funeral to be taken care of.

But all is not what it seems at Fairhaven care home, Tibor’s last residence. With ten deaths in just as many weeks, superstitious inmate O’Daniel smells a rat. Lukas asks questions but is sidetracked by Fairhaven’s mysterious councillor Eda Enigma, who believes in the transference of spirits. Desperately seeking resolution in his own life and curious about her methods at Fairhaven Lukas enlists for a course of counseling.

Days later his research into a mysterious book with a call to invite his “Guardian Angel” into his life stretches Lukas’s own sanity to its edge.

In human psychology The HemiHelix Effect is the individual’s realisation that one has the ability to double back on oneself, whatever the circumstances.

‘The Last Convert’ is episode 1 of The HemiHelix Effect series of novels.

Click here for reviews.

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Match Games video trailer

Here is a short trailer compiled in iMovie to bring ‘Match Games’ to life.

Match Games trailer









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Shirebrook timelapse

Wonderful summary of the day!
Thank you, Martyn Harris of Absolute Video.

This is the performance audio:


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Shirebrook – A Living Heritage Film

The Hallé Orchestra – Conductor Jamie Phillips
Shirebrook Miners Welfare UNISON Band – conductor Mark Wilcockson
Shirebrook Acadamy Wind Band


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ReCyClowne 2013 – A Mission To Save Planet Earth

The performance


Hallé Education has recently completed an exciting project in the small Derbyshire village of Clowne, which aimed to raise awareness of recycling within the local community through an innovative creative process combining film and music.

Hallé Education worked with the residents of Clowne in 2011 on an incredibly successful project called ‘Heritage Back to the Future’ and we were thrilled to work with this vibrant and committed community again.

The 2013 project, ‘ReCyClowne: A Mission to Save Planet Earth’, enabled a group of students from Heritage High School to create a 15-minute film about recycling in their community, to which a soundtrack was then created.

In the early stages of the project the students, teaching staff and members of the artistic team visited Clover Nook Waste Transfer Station and Bolsover Household Waste Recycling Centre to collect recycled raw materials. These were then used to design and create a new musical sculpture, and film footage from the visits was used to create a film to educate local people about responsible recycling.

Alongside the students ALÉAtronic, the Hallé’s progressive new music ensemble, led by Hallé double bass player and composer, Bea Schirmer, then created a soundtrack to accompany the film, using the new sculpture along with orchestral instruments and music technology.

The film

The final film of the recycling journey was premiered with its live soundtrack by the participants and a larger ensemble of Hallé players at Heritage High School during two unique performances for a capacity crowd of nearly 400 local residents on Friday 19 July 2013. A selection of orchestral repertoire was also performed by the Hallé during this concert, including Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture and movements from Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin and Walton’s Façade.

The evening, conducted by the Hallé’s Assistant Conductor, Jamie Phillips, was a great success and Steve Pickett, Hallé Education Director, said of the project:

“This was a brilliant, brilliant project with a fantastic outcome. It was so good to see so many of the local Clowne folk getting their Hallé fix! A supreme effort by our very gifted double bassist, Bea Schirmer! Well done to all.”

The District and County Councils now hope to use the film in other schools and venues across the area to deliver the recycling message and showcase the talents of the school pupils.

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Clowne – Back To The Future

Heritage Back to the Future was an ambitious intergenerational project that took place in the village of Clowne in Derbyshire, as a result of Orchestras Live’s strategic work with Bolsover District Council.
An artistic collaboration between the Hallé, Creative Forum and the people of Clowne, it culminated in two orchestral concerts at the newly rebuilt Heritage High School on 29 June 2011, where local young and older people performed alongside a 51 piece Hallé orchestra. Each concert featured a range of orchestral repertoire as well as the premiere of Heritage Back to the Future, a film and live soundtrack created during the project.

Orchestras live website







The Performance








The Film (with live soundtrack)


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marbelious videos

marbelious – toys
from new album “Almost Yours”

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marbelious videos

marbelious – advantage buster
from new album “almost yours” 

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Meet Joe Blagg

Between February and July 2004, a group of 40 pupils and 20 teachers from Manchester Hospital Schools took part in ‘Joe Blagg’. This series of workshops was developed in partnership with new media training organisation – WFA Media & Cultural Centre – and TIPP to explore, through drama, film and music, issues which have affected their own personal growth and well-being.

Halle Orchestra, WFA,  Manchester Hospital Schools &Home Teaching Service

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Workers’ Film Association “can you imagine ?”

Can you imagine ? Imagine you can…
a film by St Mary’s Primary School, Eccles + The Workers’ Film Association
(with kind permission of Creative Partnerships and St Mary’s School)

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