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Lukas Novak’s life has just taken a turn for the worst. His wife wants a divorce and he promises himself to start over. There is just the matter of the death of his old family friend Tibor, and his funeral to be taken care of.
But all is not what it seems at Fairhaven care home, Tibor’s last residence. With ten deaths in ten weeks, inmate O’Daniel smells a rat. Lukas is sidetracked by  mysterious councillor Eda Enigma, who believes in the  transference of spirits. Curious about her methods Lukas enlists for a course of counseling. Days later his research into a mysterious book with a call to invite his “Guardian Angel” into his life stretches Lukas’s own sanity to its edge. His hidden vigilante streak seeks justice in this hard boiled crime novel. His search for the truth leads him high into the Alps to confront a shrouded, deadly secret.

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Book 2 – Ghost Cargo (under construction)

Lukas Novak travels to Poland on the trail of an errand given to him by his late uncle Tibor. The errand, or mission, as Lukas called it, leads him back into his family’s distant and forgotten past, to a time when European history was at its darkest. Lukas needs to face up to the demons of the past and realise that not all he has believed in was real.

A secret conspiracy.
A corrupt soul.
A psychopath returned from the grave.

And the Beautiful Game, fanatically followed by millions, all over the world.

Slightly disheveled, self-proclaimed investigative journalist Lukas Novak inadvertently disturbs a hornets’ nest when following up a mysterious blog’s match-fixing allegations at football giants Mancunia FC. When the wrong people start getting hurt the hunter becomes the hunted and Lukas finds himself a non-person, on the run from a GBH charge.

Unsure who and what to trust Lukas stumbles upon answers that he hasn’t been looking for and that change the course of his investigation and his own life forever.

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Book 4 – The Hun Hunter (under construction)

Lukas stumbles across a series of mysterious deaths happening at set intervals. Before he realises it’s personal he faces a vendetta of evil that threatens not just his life, but all he has ever loved and believed in.

All he wanted was love and happiness. All he got was pain and blood.

It had all drifted away from him so quickly. Demoralised, betrayed and at the end of his physical and mental strength Lukas Novak faces the ultimate punishment. He has killed a man and during his flight from the consequences his actions take him down a spiral of personal nightmares. Escape being the only way out he is being dragged deeper and deeper down a hole that isn't of his own digging and pursued by an unknown foe, wanting nothing but revenge and death.

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The HemiHelix Effect Boxset 1 - The Lukas Novak Chronicles

One man's death is another man's fortune

Lukas Novak didn't set out to find his Guardian Angel.
The Angel came without asking - to kill him.

Out of work, self-proclaimed investigative journalist with a sixth sense for smelling a rat, an insatiable hunger for the truth and an uncanny talent for meeting his nemesis.
Three volumes and 200000 words of drama, crime, revenge, betrayal, thrills and chills.
"This is a brilliant read. I just couldn't put it down."

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