Author On The Up – The Story So Far

Today I am reembarking on my journey as a self-published author.

For the last year I have become acquainted with what is out there.
The possibilities and opportunities for indie authors are manifold.
Quite a few of my colleagues are doing very well already.

A year ago I bought Nick Stevenson’s 10K readers course and shortly after Mark Dawson’s FB ads course. The enthusiasm both courses gave me is hard to put into words.
I started implementing lessons of both courses and saw some success in attracting new subscribers.
I sold a few (only a few) books and have had thousands of downloads of my freebie via Amazon.
My freebie has been sitting comfortably in the top 10 of its category for months.
I’ve done a few cross-promos with other authors.

Enter the tax man

I’ve spent quite a bit of money on FB ads, courses, promos and the likes, but my biggest success so far this last year has been that the tax man has finally agreed to write my authoring expenses off against tax, which he’d previously refused to do since I was not traditionally published.
Apparently I was just dabbling at it.
A hobbyist.

Take things further

So now is the time to take things further.

I was deeply impressed by fellow student Will Patching’s spreadsheet about his promo efforts and resulting downloads and sales. I was also blown away by his excellent thriller ‘Remorseless’.
Well done Will, and thank you for sharing your figures.

Back to the tax man.
Dabbling at it.
Well, to a certain extent I was only dabbling and I still am.

Increased visibility

I realise that more books means highly increases my chances of visibility, exposure, leverage, and reader satisfaction.
So my number one priority must remain to push the last two books of the series out.

Writing has been slow, due to a number of factors.
I have family problems back home in Germany. An ailing father. And I’m an only child.
The full-time job, and my work as a trade union activist.
The subject matter of the current novel-in-progress. It’s set in the last days of WW2 in central Poland near a concentration camp. Not easy to write. Very emotional and very close to home.

And as I see my fellow Stevenson / Dawson students take off I am still overwhelmed by the fantastic amount of help, good advice, free courses, Scrivener templates, ebooks, pdfs, spreadsheets, goodies, FB groups etc that are out there to help me.

I sometimes get lost in it all

So, as I gather myself together, here are my two priorities:

1. Write that novel – consistently
2. Implement AND KEEP A TALLY ON some marketing – consistently

Oh yes, and

3. Don’t get sidetracked by life.

Tricky one.

I’ve decided to call this little exercise ‘Author On The Up’.

Thanks for reading,


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